Saturday, January 6, 2007

Triband: Even unlimited plans upgraded?

Since this year MTNL have claimed that they have upgraded all Triband accounts except unlimited plans to 2mbps. But it seems that even the night unlimited plan has been upgraded to 2mbps.

According to their plan Trib 590NU, 1gb download limit is offered during the day and free downloading at night from 12am - 8 am at a speed of 256kbps. Users of this scheme weren't supposed to be upgraded to 2mbps.

Upgrade from 256kbps to 2mbps isn't really noticeable while just browsing the internet. I first noticed this at night while using torrents. Normally I get a maximum speed of 26Kbps(Kiloytes not kilobits). Now the maximum speed I got was 90Kbps. The average speed was around 65Kbps. In one night I was able to download around 1.2gb.

I don't think this is something permanent. Its just a technical glitch on the part of MTNL Triband. Its my opinion that the upgrade to 2mbps was not done for our sake but for their own convenience. Enjoy it while it lasts :).

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